In 2014, the Mahan Steel Roofing Company established in order to produce a variety of building coatings using the world’s most advanced roll forming machines. This industrial unit is supervised under experienced specialists and run by Mr.Saaber Hosseinpour Behnamiri. It is located on a land area of 1650 square meters in Babolsar Industrial Park MORE INFO


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Special services for steel roofing

Over the years, Mahan Steel Company has been working to complete a portfolio of building industry products using modern methods of scientific management and designing effective strategies, with well-planned programs and customer support, utilizing machinery and equipment. Western Technologies has started producing hemp profiles and upvc galvanized profiles in the roll forming industry as well as the first PVC and cornice wall manufacturer in Mazandaran province. The company wishes to see more of everyone’s life in the shadows of its products and strives to provide community satisfaction with divine and people satisfaction.


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